What's on at 
Wotton House International School

Moon Day Activity Morning

10th July from 10am till 1pm

Join us for a morning of science and history, the Wotton House way! Places Limited, booking essential.

The Baked Alaska Challenge is a chance to mix science, cooking and delicious food together. Students explore heat transfer by building the best insulated structure around a solid block of ice cream and then baking it. Can you stop yours melting?

Join us as we celebrate 50 years (almost) to the day of mankind’s first footsteps on the Moon. In an action packed morning we shall be embarking upon our own lunar exploration through discussion, experiment and activities. Our journey will take us from prehistory, through the age of enlightenment up to the 1960’s and what must be the greatest adventure of all - Apollo 11. Learn how to spot the Apollo landing sites, see images of the equipment left behind, hold a (quite small) piece of the Moon itself…...

The 10th of July is Moon Day at Wotton House School, come along for some fun, creativity and inspiration.

Home Education: History

Following the very positive feedback from our Lent Term sessions, we are delighted to have put together a history programme for the Summer Term.
Our students tend to be aged between 11 and 16 although our sessions are suitable for younger children as well.

Join us on a Wednesday afternoon in the fabulously historic Wotton House and grounds for an engaging, fun and inspiring journey into our amazing past.

The cost of each session will be £12.00 and can be booked in blocks of 3 or for the duration of the course. The sessions run from 2pm to 3.30pm on the following dates:

26th June, 10th July

To book a place, or to find out more contact:

sophie@iveuk.com or call: 01452 764248

js@thetravellinghistorycompany.com or call: 07871 128430