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Introducing Our School

Wotton House International School is an IB World School. This means that we have been authorised by the IB to offer the Middle Years Programme (MYP) to our 11-16 year old pupils. At the moment there are 26 schools authorised for the MYP in the UK out of 1,700 worldwide. 


All these schools share a commitment to delivering a high quality challenging education that prepares students to be active, global citizens, comfortable in different cultures and diverse societies.


Part of the International Village Education group, our educational ethos is encapsulated in the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”. This reflects our belief that education should be taken out of the classroom wherever possible and into the real world. It also reflects our commitment to a genuine working partnership with families - education is too important to be left to schools alone.


Our school has two campuses, one in the heart of Gloucester in an elegant eighteenth-century town house and another in the Forest of Dean where the inspirational Wilderness Centre is located at the top of Plump Hill with expansive views stretching from the Brecons to the Malverns and across the River Severn to the Cotswold Hills.


We offer a progressive but rigorous education to local and international students. Small class sizes, skilled teaching staff, strong technology and regular outdoor education make up the formula for success. We don't define success purely in terms of examination results as that is a thankless, humourless game with very little credibility left. Success in an IB World School is defined by the Learner Profile. This is our commitment to help develop each student's character attributes, such as becoming Principled, Open-minded, Caring Risk-takers and Inquirers. 


Nevertheless we have also taken the recent decision to offer the option of some International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) qualifications at Years 10 and 11. This is because we realise that some families want the reassurance of commonly-recognised qualifications, so their children are fully-equipped with all the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The IGCSE qualifications are internationally recognised, highly respected and will act as a gateway to further academic study in the UK and beyond.

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An international curriculum...
ib Middle Years Programme
Our secondary school follows the IB's Middle Years Programme (MYP) - a highly respected curriculum  which includes stringent requirements of curriculum planning, subject range and depth and a substantial commitment to holistic education.

We will offer your children a full and progressive curriculum including:

  • Maths

  • English Language and Literature

  • Sciences

  • Humanities (Individuals and Societies)

    • Those we call the MESH subjects; the next four are SLAD

  • Sports / PE (outdoor activities, sports and fitness)

  • Languages  

  • Arts (music, drama and visual arts)

  • Design (DT)
    • In addition we also teach:
  • Interdisciplinary studies (IDU)

  • Projects: Community and Personal

  • Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE) Education 

The MYP itself concludes, at age 16, with a set of optional formal e-assessment exams. Each of these is equivalent to a GCSE and are accredited by Ofqual as such. The MYP is recognised throughout the world by universities and provides a great platform to move on to either the IB Diploma Programme or other qualifications such as A-Level.

...with integrated outdoor education and practical learning...

Once a week students attend the Wilderness Centre, our outdoor education centre high up above the River Severn valley on the edge of the Forest of Dean.

Any topic which would benefit from an outdoor venue will be taught at the centre, but initially students focus on Art, PE, creative writing as part of English, Biology and physical Geography. These subjects lend themselves particularly well to the stunning setting at the centre and to the facilities available.

Wherever possible, we teach through the practical application of knowledge.

Between our two beautiful locations - in Gloucester and in the Forest - we can offer your children a science laboratory, a stage and sound system, an art room, sports facilities at the nearby university and a full host of outdoor activities from rope walks and archery to a mini farm, kitchen and flower gardens.

We fully recognise the benefits of learning in an outdoor setting, particularly for children who are using technology each day.

We believe it is critical for modern children to learn how to value themselves enough that they can choose to ignore the attention-seeking of electronics. Technology is a wonderful tool for learning, but the ability to put it down is just as important! 

Students doing outdoor climbing activity
... and targeted education technology.
Student using technology at Wotton House School

Where appropriate, learning resources at Wotton House International School are online and all courses make use of targeted educational technology to enhance learning.

This allows children to learn as fast as they want, or as slow as they need to. It also means our teachers can track children’s progress in real time without the need for an onerous testing regime.

This flexibility means that teachers (and parents) can access a student's work in real-time at any point in the learning process and can input into the formation of knowledge without any barriers. This does not mean that all the learning is conducted on computers, far from it. 

Technology is a means to an end and we will only use technology where it enhances learning. Where it is not suitable, we will not use it.

A good example of technology in action we have observed is children learning to draw the human eye. Children used laptops to access descriptive videos for drawing an eye in pencil or charcoal - they could follow, pause, rewind or fast-forward to help master the complexities.

They could also choose the style that suited their own expressive needs, freeing the teacher to concentrate on identifying those children who needed extra support, or to encourage extra ambition. The children felt less restricted, had a greater sense of achievement and felt better supported by the teacher. 

We believe educational technology is invaluable in modern teaching if used correctly and appropriately as part of a blended mix of traditional teaching, practical activity and student paced learning.

An international curriculum that promotes the joy of learning
Students in the garden.
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Our History
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Michaelmas Term

Lent Term

Summer Term

Michaelmas Term


11-12 Nov ISI Inspection

Lent Term


Summer Term


Michaelmas Term


  • 25th Sept MYP1 lesson at St Mary Magdalen Church, Gloucester

  • 9th Oct MYP 1 Trip to Gloucester Museum

  • 14th Oct MYP 2 Trip to Cathedral to study medieval stained glass

  • 16th Oct MYP1 Trip to St. Peter’s Church, Frocester

  • 5 Nov – 2 Dec 2nd Lockdown

Lent Term

  • 4 Jan - 8 March 3rd Lockdown

Summer Term

Michaelmas Term


  • 14 Sep Part of Gloucester Heritage Day

  • 15 Oct Museum of the Moon Gloucester Cathedral MYP3 & 4

  • 14 Nov Skillzone MYP4 & 5

  • 15 Nov Bollywood Dinner & Dance PTA

  • 18-20 Nov Florence Trip

  • 25 Nov Skillzone MYP1, 2, 3

  • 12 Dec Carol service in Lady Chapel, Gloucester Cathedral

Lent Term

  • 16 Jan Cheltenham Synagogue MYP1, 2, 3

  • 19 Jan Gloucester v Toulouse rugby at Kingsholm

  • 27-29 Feb Trip to CERN with Farmor's School

  • 29 Feb officially join ISA

  • 12 Mar An Inspector Calls Cardiff theatre MYP3 4 5

  • 20 Mar 1st lockdown

Summer Term

  • Lockdown

  • 15 June Re-opened

  • 15 July Wellness Evening

  • 17 July End of term picnic

Michaelmas Term


  • 2 Nov Halloween Party

  • 6-8 Nov France / Belgium Trip for WW1 battlefields

  • 9 Nov Romi wins cross-country county championship

  • 15 Nov Science Museum Bristol MYP5

  • 26 Nov Win the first Ultimate Frisbee tournament at Henley Banks School

  • 7 Dec Christmas Play in Gloucester Cathedral

  • 8 Dec Christmas market in Cathedral MYP3/4

  • 14 Dec Christmas lunch & performance at Wotton House

Lent Term

  • 23 Jan Nature in Art MYP3

  • 27 Jan Launching the MYP Workshop

  • 4-5 Feb IB Verification Visit

  • 14 Feb Purton Hulks Trip MYP1 & 2

  • 25 Feb Snowdome, Tamworth

  • 7 March Romeo & Juliet Trip Cardiff theatre MYP3, 4, 5

  • 21 March Asha Centre visit, MYP1 & 2

  • 30 March Open Day

  • 5 April Clean Up Gloucester 

Summer Term

Michaelmas Term


Lent Term

Summer Term

Michaelmas Term


Lent Term

Summer Term

Our Plans

Future Inspections

  • May 2024 IB Program Evaluation. This is a two-day inspection of how we implement the MYP, following a lengthy period of guided self-evaluation.

  • November 2024 Full ISI Inspection into Educational Quality (EQI). Timings may change but at the moment this is the latest date by which we will have an EQI, as it is 3 years since our last inspection.

School Development Plan (SDP)

Because we have two big inspections in three years time (as at February 2022) we are extending and revising our School Development Plan for these three years. For each year we identify five targets for pupil achievement (PA), and five for personal development (PD).

  • 2021-22

  • 2022-23

  • 2023-24


Centenary Celebrations

The year 2025 will mark 100 years of Wotton House as an educational establishment. It has been successively a domestic science college, nurse training college, theological college and international school. This definitely deserves commemoration and celebration.

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Our Partners

These are some of the companies and people we have worked with over the years. They are listed roughly in reverse chronological order. Not all of our collaborations and contracts have been successful but we extend our thanks to all.

  • Michal Bogdiukiewicz​ of System 15: thorough and clever network solutions

  • Jamie Dickinson & Richard Redding of Delta Nine: laptop repair and maintenance - unbeatable

  • Alison Whichelo of I Can do it Learning: engaging and effective multi-sensory tuition

  • Nicki Stewart & Richard Gill of LeMay Consultants: good business introductions for students

  • Debbie Innes of Widden Primary School: wise advice and sensible guidance

  • Chris Creed, Ben Logan & others of Creed Foodservice

  • Mike Turner and Adam Balding of Gloucester Rugby: amazing ideas and enthusiasm

  • Sally Lewis, Learning Co-ordinator at Adult Education in Gloucestershire

  • Anja Oelbracht from Stroud: Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

  • Annabel Richmond from Stroud for help and encouragement and lots of good advice.

  • YingShi Helsby from Cheltenham Mandarin School: great teacher and organiser

  • Jonathan Swann of The Travelling History Company: John is now our Humanities teacher!

  • Adam Vines of Lounge Design: our first website

  • Qing Lin 林 晴 of Join in China: determined and dynamic

  • Dianne Francombe of Bristol & West of England China Bureau

  • Victoria Newbold of Fuchsia Lime: our first burst of branding and marketing

  • Susie Godwin of Confidence Counts: teaching style and decorum and making it fun

  • Abby Guilding of The Wiggly Worm: brilliant leader at a great charity

  • Peter Fidczuk of IBSCA and the IB: wise encouragement and great knowledge

  • John Robins of C-Learning: best supplier of Chromebooks around

  • Ethan Marrs & Andy Young of The Rock Project: great fun, good organisation

  • Angela Wright of Coopers Edge Ballet School: entrepreneurial and effective (aka Miss Ellie)

  • Katie and others at Workaway: wonderful organisation offering shared experiences worldwide

  • Maeve Maxwell of G15 for support and advice

  • Sarah Gregg of The Growth Hub: enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive - much missed 

  • Paul Baldwin of Cass Stephens: efficiently organises our insurance policies

  • Terry Norman of Christie & Co: did the valuation for HSBC

  • Mark Wilton of HSBC: brilliantly organised the commercial mortgage 

  • Jonathan Wilkinson of Charles Russell Speechlys: calm and organised, managed the conveyancy

  • Rob Hay of Redcliffe College: organised, firm and helpful throughout the sale

  • Sian Morris of Knight Frank: efficient and energetic, managed the sale process



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