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Archaeology Club at Wotton

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Archaeology Club is well underway, comprising a combination of excavation and research focussing on Wotton House and grounds. Our excavation was inspired by a previous MYP4 environmental project that resulted in a bit of a hole in the ground. A consequence was that we stumbled across oyster shells.

Oyster shells are, of course, fascinating and archaeomamacologically (we love a long word in Archaeology Club!) speaking, provide important social insight into our grounds.

More on this another week, indeed we intend to drip feed snippets of our research through our social media channels and podcasts. This will culminate in an unmissable festival of the history and archaeology of Wotton House, with talks, an exhibition and tour, synthesising, to use IB terminology, our research. This is an important point, Archaeology Club encapsulates the very essence and philosophy of International Baccalaureate education through experiential, research based community projects.

Keep an eye out for future posts with updates and more fantastically sesquipedalian vocabulary.

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