Showcase of Student Work and Achievements

In Drama MYP3 were looking at Macbeth, Tara created a wonderful Creative Journal and performed this monologue.

Rowan Rowing

Rowan's hard work has paid off and we are proud to announce that he has been accepted to Hartpury College due to his achievements in rowing.

Toby cycling

Toby recently raised over £3000 for charity as part of his Personal project!

"All MYP5 students are required to complete the MYP Personal Project in their last year of school.  The personal project gives you the chance to develop a project of your choosing by consolidating your learning from the classroom. The project aims to test “self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, and collaboration” skills.


My personal project is to cycle 100 miles in order to raise money for Sarcoma UK."

As part of their Maths project, MYP3 had to create a festival design which incorporated the look and feel of all aspects of a festival. This is an example of one of the students work, created by Poppie.

What some of our parents and students say about what we do here...

"At Wotton House, children can come and learn in the most beautiful school grounds with invigorating outdoor activities to creative art and design classes.

We teach pupils from the age of 10 -16 and at 11-12 they can start the IGCSE or MYP assessment courses.

We also have moreish school lunches cooked by hand, from the pupils or our lovely cook Rosie. Speaking of cooking we also provide free cooking lessons for our attendees from making a simple baked potato dish to a flavourful curry." by Eloise

"There is no uniform, which makes you feel more comfortable. This puts you in the right frame of mind to learn. Everyone feels better in their own clothes." by Jess

"Wotton House is a lovely school. We do paintings, projects and lots of science, art and languages. We go to the Wilderness Centre once a week to dig ponds, have all sorts of adventures, and do amazing activities". by Lilla

We have already seen such a positive change in our daughter's demeanour. She is so happy to find a culture of friendliness and acceptance from the other kids.

I know that all organisations have a bell rung at their inception which continues to sound through the life of the endeavour.

It is set ringing by the energy and intention of those who found the organisation and your school runs with kindness, acceptance and flexibility. Well done to you and your husband and thank you.

“We’ve been in lockdown for over seven weeks now. I think that the school has adapted a great timetable that lets us discuss topics with our classmates on Zoom and complete work without having to be on the screen too long. As expected, it took some getting used to, but now everyone at WHIS is enjoying the online learning and we’ve even done some group project work. I like working from home, but also can’t wait to get back to actual school and see everyone in person.” 

We think the arrangements you have put in place are great. Our child is engaged and doing just fine – enjoying it even.

We have 4 kids of school age all at different schools. The arrangements you have put in place are by far and away the best of the bunch in our opinion.”

"This is Wotton House, a school where children can explore their imagination to the fullest and find what is right for them.

This school has a friendly attitude and explores Montessori and Steiner elements.

It also provides fresh free lunches every day for children to enjoy and eat together." by Isla-May

"Our child is really enjoying his new school, we're very happy with how things are going. You and especially Emma must be doing something very right there, his interest in learning has been reignited, exactly what we were hoping for."