What some of our parents and students say about what we do here...

We have already seen such a positive change in our daughter's demeanour. She is so happy to find a culture of friendliness and acceptance from the other kids.

I know that all organisations have a bell rung at their inception which continues to sound through the life of the endeavour.

It is set ringing by the energy and intention of those who found the organisation and your school runs with kindness, acceptance and flexibility. Well done to you and your husband and thank you.

We think the arrangements you have put in place are great. Our child is engaged and doing just fine – enjoying it even.

We have 4 kids of school age all at different schools. The arrangements you have put in place are by far and away the best of the bunch in our opinion.”

“We’ve been in lockdown for over seven weeks now. I think that the school has adapted a great timetable that lets us discuss topics with our classmates on Zoom and complete work without having to be on the screen too long. As expected, it took some getting used to, but now everyone at WHIS is enjoying the online learning and we’ve even done some group project work. I like working from home, but also can’t wait to get back to actual school and see everyone in person.” 

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