Innovative and creative views on education, embracing difference and including culture, nationality, the individual, learning styles, background and so much more. Excellent student counselling and pastoral care. Working with the educational individual needs and requirements of students, i.e. flexi-schooling or extra help; combining the outdoors with lessons and linking subjects into creating a ‘bigger picture’
Lovely small school with a holistic, supportive approach and inspirational teaching. They also offer flexi-schooling to those who interested in home schooling. Highly recommended
An awesome and ground-breaking school, with an emphasis on the following: 

- Flexi-schooling to work alongside those being home-schooled
- Blended learning (home, school, via tech and hands on)
- International focus, committed to global context
- A creative use of tech and how it will be used to shape the economic development of the world
- A passion for outdoor education to help keep children grounded, connected to nature, respecting the planet and developing and protecting their physical and mental wellbeing 

Fantastic school with brilliant teachers, in a nurturing caring environment
This is a really vibrant learning community which is seeking to give an educational experience in a different way. They are definitely forward-thinking
Love the ethos of Wotton House
Loved the activity day and love the feel of the school
The girls loved the activity day and especially the mask-making and they thought the teacher was lovely. Very positive impression of the school
I was really taken with the school and found it really friendly and enjoyed the informal atmosphere – we were surprised at how relaxed the school atmosphere was