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Prep Residential 20th and 21st June 2022

What a wonderful time we had! The weather was glorious, a huge relief after the extreme weather we had last year! We arrived at the tented village to this stunning view - no wonder the students were excited! Our first task was settling into the tents and unpacking - the students shared snacks too. 

Once we were settled in, it was time to collect our take-away dinner. The students were able to order whatever they wanted from the menu, which boasted a vast selection of pizzas, fish and chips, soft drinks and fries. Emily kindly collected the feast in the school minibus, (there really was a LOT of food!). We dined together al fresco, making the most of the shade. 

After dinner there was some play time and the children were all eager to help prepare the highly anticipated treat - a chocolate fountain!

Once everyone had eaten their fill, (which, really was a little disappointing when compared to what the children promised me they would eat!) We went back outside to play; the children had some time to run around and invent their own games. I was delighted to attend the wedding of Pikachu, which was facilitated by none other than Bagpuss himself!

After the wedding, as the sun started to go down - it was time to set up the stage for a shadow-puppet show. 

We ventured out for a walk to check up on the ponies and tadpoles - something the students look forward to every week at the moment. Then it was back to the tents and time to sleep.

Everyone was so good - I made the usual rounds through the night - keen to check everyone was okay and not home-sick but all was calm and quiet.

The next morning it was time for a huge breakfast, making lunches and one group of students volunteered to sweep out all the tents for everyone. 

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