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Archaeology Diary 16th October

As we continue to tidy up our trench, our artefacts remain a little lacking in secure context, but nevertheless, interesting finds continue to pop up. This week we have a little more clay pipe, but it is not the pipe we are looking for!

We also have a stray piece of flint. This is not where it should be geologically, we can only speculate for the moment on how it came to be in our trench.

We also have some blue and white transfer ware. Now this is really interesting. Popular in the late 18th century, this could fit in nicely with our clay pipe and oyster shells. Mass produced, transfer ware bought the dinner service to the populace.

It might of course be later in date, although the oriental iconography is encouraging. In any event this provides a great opportunity to look into pottery and the economics of colonial ceramic trade, and of course, piracy.

We have also encountered charcoal and general evidence of burning, it looks increasingly likely that we are excavating a bonfire, fitting in with our MYP4 topic this term on resources, linear economy and how we dealt with rubbish in the past.

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