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Each Heading has five Pages. Most Pages have Four Sub-sections. When these get long enough they become Sub-pages.














Our Story:     CB1, CB2, Bun Shop, Sancton Wood, Holme Court, Wilderness


Term Dates, Privacy Policy, Fundamental British Values, Miscellany


This shows monthly unique visitors (as at 19 Feb 2022). I cannot find data for other schools to benchmark so we can only set a fairly random target: 1,000 unique visitors per month seems reasonable.


Education News

Main Updates

06/03/22 Added Facilities

05/03/22 Added Other Pathways

04/03/22 Tidied all Pages to have similar sub-page buttons

03/03/22 Updates to Inspection, Enrichment

02/03/22 Tidied up and add to Testimonials

01/03/22 More on Enrichment

28/02/22 Finished Neurodiversity. Started Enrichment

25/02/22 More on Neurodiversity

24/02/22 Added MYP, working on Neurodiversity

23/02/22 Working on MYP

22/02/22 Added Animal-assisted education; Added Duke of Edinburgh; Added External Exams; Edited Alumni; Started Curriculum, MYP.

21/02/22 Updated Fees 

20/02/22 Finished Sitemap, Legals, Listings, Comments. Started Shop.

19/02/22 Finished Pastoral; started Sitemap, Legals

18/02/22 Finished Alternatives; Updated Student Showcase; Updated Fees; Started Curriculum

17/02/22 Started Alternatives;

16/02/22 Finished Locations

15/02/22 Finished International (IB section); Updated Staff; Started Locations

14/02/22 Finished Outdoors

11/02/22 Working on Our Story; Updated Alumni

10/02/22 Finished Your Questions

09/02/22 Working on Our Story

02/02/22  Start working on Staff pages

01/02/22 Test positive with Covid, start learning Wix

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