Wilderness at WHIS_1

Our Outdoor Learning Haven

The Wilderness Centre is a classic country house nestled within 30 acres of private grounds in the Forest of Dean, with forest, fields and its own stone circle. We enjoy commanding spectacular views over the River Severn to the Cotswolds and the Malvern Hills over 20 miles away.

Nestled on the side of Plump Hill, near Mitcheldean, it is a site all about growth and learning, offering pupils at Wotton House a venue for a wide range of educational experiences.


It offers an important strand to what we think is important in learning. Alongside the classroom and modern ways of learning, The Wilderness Centre gives our pupils the perfect place to lose themselves - to disconnect from routine and technology and connect with nature.

On-site activities


Good for: discipline, concentration and determination. Our patient instructors will ensure that all participants are taught the correct technique in a safe and fun manner and encouraged to achieve their goals.


To encourage: team work, cooperation and planning skills. Each problem is tailored specifically to achieve your outcomes and group goals, whether that be to improve communication skills, encourage empathy or simply to have fun.


Unleash the inner survival expert! At the Wilderness centre we have a great location for learning traditional bushcraft skills. Fire lighting, shelter building, campfire cooking and animal tracking are taught by our experienced instructors in ancient woodland around our site.

Does this sound like a good fit for your child? If the answer is yes, then we'd love to hear from you. To find out more just contact us

Crate stack

How high can your stack go? A great team high ropes activity. The task is to build a tower out of crates, as high as possible! 


To learn: self-reliance, decision making and risk management. We have a variety of orienteering courses laid out around our 29 acre site and in the adjacent woodland and we work closely with professional instructors.

Climbing wall

To teach: balance and movement skills. A great activity for an evening. Climbing takes place inside our small indoor wall, belaying techniques, climbing techniques and bouldering will be taught during the session.

Tunnel trail

Our extensive artificial tunnel system is the perfect place for groups to experience total darkness and practice their communication skills. Groups are encouraged to map the tunnel system working together to ensure they are not lost in the catacombs!



A chance for groups to challenge themselves by abseiling off the roof of the mansion house. After being fitted with the safety equipment and being instructed in the correct technique it’s time to stand on the edge and go for it!

Climbing activity at the wilderness

Challenge course

A great team event, a number of obstacles are set up that require teams to work together to successfully complete the course. Our instructors can set the appropriate challenges top meet the ability levels and outcomes that the group require.

Environmental studies

The Wilderness Centre is renowned as a venue for excellent field studies and environmental education. Our woodland and organic meadows provide inspiring and diverse landscapes for groups to explore. 

Saxon day

Real life Horrible Histories! Our pupils are transported back in time to the 9th Century, to discover what life was like in our replica Saxon house.

Students gathered outside the Wilderness Centre