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WHIS: a student's perspective 2

One week until half term, yet oddly enough I’m a little sad it’s coming to a pause. Two weeks sounds a lot longer than I thought, considering I'm excited to see my classmates and teachers again.

We’re starting our end of term assessments. Yes, it's challenging, but it’s got a sense of efficiency to it that makes it feel relaxing in a way.

My experience so far has been pretty good, in contrast to other schools and systems. I find myself wanting to go to school, to learn and see my classmates. I’m excited to see my teachers and talk, which is a big step up. The students are all extraordinary in their own way, which pushes you to be greater.

This school allows me to challenge myself in a way where I don't feel pressured, and I'm seeing the results of those achievements every day.

A year ago today I would have never thought I'd be up for an optional exam, yet here I am...moments away from signing myself up for the E-Assessment.

All in all, this is a grade A school in my opinion.

Next week I hope to interview one of the Staff, let’s hope it works out!

Sincerely, Sona.

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