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MYP Arts (Visual and Performing)


Our art lessons will give pupils the chance to make connections and try their hand at all sorts of creative processes. We’ll cover drawing… painting… pottery… still life… sculpture… 3D… pastels, and more. Output from our art lessons will fill our walls, classrooms and grounds with vibrant life and colour and show just how creative children can be with the right encouragement. We’ll also help develop our pupils’ critical appreciation, exploring the work of artists, designers and crafts from different cultures and times, observing differences and similarities. Local artists, illustrators and craftspeople will be invited into school to talk about their work and what inspires them.

Students develop through creating, performing and presenting arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences and ideas. It is through this practice that students acquire new skills and master those skills developed in prior learning.

Students have opportunities to function as artists, as well as learners of the arts.


The aims of the teaching and study of MYP arts are for students to:

  1. create and present art

  2. develop skills specific to the discipline

  3. engage in a process of creative exploration and (self-)discovery

  4. make purposeful connections between investigation and practice understand the relationship between art and its contexts

  5. respond to and reflect on art

  6. deepen their understanding of the world



  1. Criterion A:  Knowing and understanding 

  2. Criterion B:  Developing skills 

  3. Criterion C:  Thinking creatively 

  4. Criterion D:  Responding



1. Subject Brief

2. Subject Guide


Visual Arts 2021-22      Drama 2021-22

Visual Arts 2019-20      Drama 2019-20

Visual Arts 2018-19      Drama 2018-19

Visual Arts 2017-18      Drama 2017-18


Head of Department: Kay Rambaud

Head of Drama: Nathan Hutchings

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