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Wotton House School July 2018

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Former Students


Matilda now attends the International Bilingual School of Provence, studying French, geography, maths, biology (higher level), English (higher level), and theatre (higher level).


As a full-time boarding student, this is a whole new way of life for Matilda. She finds it good living on her own, and likes the multicultural environment, made up of South Africans, Russians, Italians, Chinese, Americans and a few Brits, among others. The warmer climate pleases her too.


For her future, Matilda is considering university and probably a gap year to travel and see lots of other countries. She recommends the International Baccalaureate path for anyone if they're up for a lot of work and variety, as the scope of learning is wide and very interesting.

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A student of Hartpury College on a rowing scholarship, Rowan is focusing on physical education, psychology, and economics. As a weekday boarding student, he gets up 6 days a week for 6:30am rowing practice before a day of classes. 


Rowan hopes to row in a yearly rowing race in Henley this summer, and eventually in the olympics.


In his free time, Rowan is building a motorbike, and intends to get his motorbike license. With this, Rowan plans to take a gap year after college to travel through Europe.

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Toby is currently in the sixth form at the Marling School in Stroud, studying economics, design technology, and business.


He has not made specific plans beyond sixth form, intead taking each year as it comes and seeing what the world has to offer.


He thinks fondly of his time at WHIS as a positive experience. 

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After completing her GCSEs at WHIS, Romi attended Hartpury College and began studying for A-levels, but left to pursue a career as a professional weightlifter.


Competing in her sport, she plans to attend the Commonwealth Games in 2023, and eventually the Olympics. She is currently working as a crossfit coach while she continues her training.


She is the British champion in weightlifting for her age group. 

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Lucia is currently attending Cirencester College where she is studying BTech in Performing Arts and Drama A level.

Lucia comes from a theatrical family and has always loved acting on stage and on screen.  During her time at Wotton House, Lucia excelled in Drama, with a series of powerful performances in whole school ensemble productions. Most notably, Lucia played the Queen of Hearts in 'Alice in Wonderland' and Mrs Trunchball in 'Matilda the musical'.


Lucia is looking to attend Drama School when she graduates from college, with the Bristol Young Vic and the Juilliard School of Drama high on her list of places to study.  

Former Staff
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Annamarie Thomas.jpg
Nasim Bhula.png

Nasim Bhula

Laurence Hughes_2.jpg
Brigid Lack.png

Brigid Lack

Beatriz Pedrosa_2.jpg
Samy Selim.png

Samy Selim

Mihaela Jonasson.png

Mihaela Jonasson

Debbie Gregg.png
Trevor Forrest.png

Trevor Forrest

Rossella Rigattieri.png

Rossella Rigattieri

Nicola Muller

Elena Gabbi.png
Julie Humbert.png
Robin Benton.png
Michelle Hockley.png

Michelle Hockley

Florrie Coates

Toni Marzetti.png
Jens Meyer.png
Julia Latorre_2.jpg

Julia Latorre

Sarah Jardine.png

Sarah Jardine

Haruko Boot.png

Haruko Boot


Sofia Kobylec

Nicola Muller.png
Florrie Coates.png
Angela Cristo.png

Angela Cristo

Debbie Gregg

Elena Gabbi

Shameemah Lalloo

Julie Humbert

Toni Marzetti

Robin Benton

Laurence Hughes

Jens Meyer

Leanne Collins.png

Leanne Collins

Former Volunteers

For the first three years of Wotton House we were able to host Workawayers.  These were volunteers, usually from overseas, who applied through the wonderful Workaway organisation to spend some time with us.


The arrangement was that in return for bed and board (meals) they helped us for five hours a day. Sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes in the garden, sometimes in classes. They were a very important part of the school in its early days and we are enormously grateful to them all for their help.


Sadly that sort of international cultural exchange is now almost impossible to arrange, which I think is a huge shame, both for the workawayers and for our students. Some Workawayers changed their status and became full-time staff and we are still in touch with many of them. If you are a former Workawayer and are reading this then please get in touch - we want to develop a page of memories.

We have a Gallery of Workawayers here and a collage here.

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Ryan Probert.png
Sean Randle.png

Sean Randle

Musician in Residence

Ryan Probert

Composer in Residence

Jenni Shortt

Visiting Italian Teacher

Jenni Shortt_2.jpg

Esther Garcia Sanson

Visiting Science Teacher

Esther Garcia Sanson.png
Liz Lewitt.png
Ismael Mignini.png
Liz Lewitt.png

Liz Lewitt

Atelierista and Arts Award Co-ordinator

Ismael Mignini

Visiting Erasmus scholar

Alison Whichelo.png

Alison Whichelo

Special Needs Consultant and One-to-one tuition

Alison Whichelo.png

Irma Fiorentini

Artist in residence, art therapist, fresco specialist

Irma Fiorentini.png
John Owen.png

John Owen

Ecologist in residence

More about John

Matthieu de Gottal

Entrepreneur in residence, chocolatier extraordinaire

Matthieu de Gottal.png

Rob Parkes

Roboticist in residence

AMY robot

Caphas Chisangowerota

Entrepreneur in residence

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