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Wotton House Facilities

Wotton House is a beautiful and elegant, historic house with modern facilities. It is easy to reach from Junction 11A of the M5 and has plenty of car parking available. Many of its rooms can be hired on an ad-hoc or weekly basis. Please enquire for further details. Some examples are included below.

  • Great Hall: from £50 per evening session

  • Dining Room and Kitchen: from £500 for a wedding or celebration

  • Garden Party: from £250

  • Kitchen only: from £85 per session

Wotton House Rooms

(with approximate sizes)

Ground Floor

Entrance Hall  225 sqft

Upper Prep Room  400 sqft

Medical Room  150 sqft

Staff Bathroom   50 sqft

Lower Prep Room  300 sqft

Humanities  525 sqft

Offices (2)  250 sqft

Admin Office 275 sqft

OLD HOUSE  2,175 sqft


Cloakrooms  425 sqft

Library  325 sqft

Great Hall  1,300 sqft

Dining Hall  1,425 sqft

Kitchen  1,100 sqft

Stores  1,200 sqft

Corridor (Main)  900 sqft

OLD EXTENSIONS  6,675 sqft



Conservatory  550 sqft

Waiting area  125 sqft

Science Room  225 sqft

Science Experiments  500 sqft

Art Room  350 sqft

Art Overflow  225 sqft

Counselling Room  125 sqft

One-to-one Room  125 sqft

One-to-one Room  100 sqft

Common Room & Bathrooms  300 sqft

Annexe Classroom A  225 sqft

Annexe Classroom B  225 sqft

Annexe Office  125 sqft

Annexe Chill-out  250 sqft

(Building site)  325 sqft
Corridor (Wing) 1250 sqft

WING TOTAL   5,025 sqft

GROUND FLOOR TOTAL  13,875 sqft 

First Floor


Spanish Classroom   225 sqft

French Classroom   275 sqft

English Classroom   525 sqft

Library   200 sqft

Maths Classroom   300 sqft

PSHE Classroom   275 sqft

Office  150 sqft

Bathroom  50 sqft

Staff room  250 sqft

OLD HOUSE  2,250 sqft 

Mezzanine (showers & studios)  4,175 sqft

FIRST FLOOR TOTAL  6,425 sqft 

Second Floor

There are six rooms in the Attic which we use as our Music Suite.

Estimated size: 1,500 sqft


There are basements underneath the Old House and underneath the Wing. At the moment they are only used as storage space and so have not been included in this count.

Accommodation Block

There are two floors of accommodation in the Wing. Estimated size: 12,000 sqft


Overall Sizes


The school currently uses 21,800 sqft.

The total size of the building (excluding basements) is 33,800 sqft.

The Wilderness Rooms

(approximate sizes)

Ground  Floor

Entrance Lobby  275 sqft

Hallway  275 sqft

Classroom A  450 sqft

Classroom B  450 sqft

Ballroom  825 sqft

Store  75 sqft

Store  225 sqft

Climbing Wall  225 sqft

Staff Room  275 sqft

Store  75 sqft

Kitchen  400 sqft

Dining Room  375 sqft

Dining Room  175 sqft

Corridor  50 sqft

Store  25 sqft

Male WC  75 sqft

Corridor  50 sqft

Accessible WC  50 sqft

Female WC  100 sqft


Survey 4,628 sqft


First Floor

Corridor 50 sqft

Wigpool Bedroom 150 sqft

Female Showers 225 sqft

Malvern Chase Dormitory 225 sqft

Corridor 100 sqft

May Hill Dormitory 250 sqft

Break Heart Hill Bedroom 125 sqft

Hope Wood Dormitory 175 sqft

Garden Cliff Dormitory 250 sqft

Staff Shower 50 sqft

Corridor 150 sqft

Welsh Bury Dormitory 150 sqft

Long Orchard Dormitory 150 sqft

The Loquiers Dormitory 200 sqft

Pingary Tump Bedroom 150 sqft

Staff Shower 125 sqft

Male Showers 225 sqft

Lobby 50 sqft

Shop 50 sqft


Survey 3,209 sqft

BASEMENT  1,200 sqft

(from Survey)

All Buildings

(survey measurements)

Main Building  9,100 sqft

Office & Flat Block  2,100 sqft

Eco-house  950 sqft

Workshop & Training Block  900 sqft
Saxon House  425 sqft

Chapel  275 sqft

Garage  200 sqft

TOTAL BUILDINGS  13,950 sqft

During lockdown we bought a Marquee (15*6 metres) which provides an additional  975 sqft. 

There is also the dilapidated Stable Block which is roughly 1,875 sqft.

Restoring this is an exciting project - for the future. 

Wotton House Site Maps.png
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