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External Candidates

General Information


We are an approved exam centre for AQA, Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge and we accept entries from private candidates.

Not all subjects are available to private candidates. Those subjects with coursework elements or practical assessments are not available at our centre. We can take entries for GCSEs, IGCSEs and A levels. We cannot take entries for Edexcel’s International A levels (IAL).


The main subjects we do are English Language, English Literature and Maths, but we can accommodate other subjects. Entry forms can be downloaded here (for .docx) and here (for .pdf).


We charge a centre administration fee which covers all our administration such as providing information prior to entry, making entries, our registration with the exam boards, invigilation and provision of results and appeals services. This fee is currently £345 per qualification. This fee is in addition to the exam board’s entry fees, details of which can be found by following the links below:


Frequently Asked Questions

Which exam board should I enter with?

Before considering taking an exam you should be familiar with the exam board’s syllabus; these are available on the exam boards’ websites:


Can I do BTECs?

No, we don’t do BTECs only GCSEs, iGCSEs, A levels and Cambridge O levels. 


Can you arrange the spoken language endorsement for English Language?

Yes, we have a close connection with a tutor who can arrange this at an additional charge.


Can exams be taken remotely?

No, they must be taken at our school.


Can I do science practical experiments at the school?

No, so unless you are retaking a science qualification, in which case you can carry forward your practical endorsement, we are unable to help you. An iGCSE may be an option for you.


Which language GCSEs are available?

French, Spanish and Polish. If you have a tutor in another language who can facilitate the spoken element, we may be able to offer these languages as well - please contact us with plenty of notice to discuss options.


When do I need to enter for exams?

The majority of exams take place in May & June and for this exam series, you must have made your entry with us and paid for it by the end of January. For the Autumn series entries can be made between 1 and 10 September.


What date will my exams take place?

Please look on the website of the relevant exam board, exam dates are publicly available well in advance. All qualifications require the sitting of more than one exam paper. Dates are set nationally and there is no flexibility.


What is the centre number?

Our centre number is 57142. This will be clearly displayed in every exam room.


What is my candidate number?

This will be issued to you in the exam room.


Who will invigilate the exams?

We have trained invigilators whose training is updated every year. All invigilators go through a rigorous safer recruitment process, and are DBS checked. If you have any issues in the exam room, please refer to the invigilator - they will be able to help you but will not be able to comment or give their opinion on anything within the exam paper.


What time do exams start?

If you have a morning exam it will start at 9:30 and afternoon exams start at 1:30. You should arrive at the centre at least 15 minutes before the start time.

For all other queries you can contact the exam boards direct:

  • AQA: 0800 197 7162

  • Edexcel: 0344 463 2535

  • Cambridge: 01223 553554

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