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Wotton House's dynamic duo have got you covered!

Wotton House MYP 4 students Tomke and Emma have put their time over the last few months to excellent use by starting their own business venture making face masks. Tomke was the mastermind behind the idea, as she loves to sew and wanted to combine that with helping people during this tricky time. Emma was also really enthusiastic to get involved when she heard the idea. We interviewed them to find out more...

When did you start the company?

Emma: I believe it was the 27th June. Tomke told me that she was going to start a face mask business and I requested to be a part of it, handling the marketing and packaging. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to explore the business world and it's been great fun!

Has the product changed along the way?

Tomke: Very much so. Our product used to be a different style of mask. Emma: We got some very useful feedback from customers and noticed ourselves that the mask didn't fit every face shape.

Tomke: Our new design is suited for everybody.

What are the best things about running your own business? Tomke: There are many good things, one of them being to see how you can help people in this time of need. Emma: It's fun! Like I said, I very much enjoy and am interested in all things business, so this has been and will continue to be a fun project for me. I also feel very proud to have co-created this business.

What are the hardest things? Tomke: The pressure of making the masks and hoping that the customers are pleased with the product, as we like to do everything we can to our full potential to make it a better experience. Emma: Struggling with the use of online payments. We took into consideration that not everyone would be comfortable paying by cash but unfortunately at this time it's all we can offer.

If you could start it again would you do it differently? Emma: Absolutely not! I believe we all learn from our mistakes and I think it's all part of the process. I have enjoyed resolving issues and I am in love with our product! Tomke: I definitely would not, as it's good to see how we have improved from mistakes and used our full potential for our business.

Take this opportunity to plug your product! Why should I buy it and how much does it cost?

Tomke: We are a small, local business with products that are made with 100% love. We try to use recycled or donated fabric and all masks are washed before they are packaged! Emma: We create affordable, sustainable, fashionable and well-designed masks. As well as being customisable and an essential item during this time, all face masks come with sweets and stickers!

Tomke: Our face masks are washable and reusable which is more eco-friendly. They range from £7 to £9. Thank you for supporting Fabulous Face Masks!

You can see Fabulous Face Masks on Instagram

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