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We're back! In summer sunshine, and learning from it

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

It has been amazing to be in school again this week and to catch up with the students in person.

On Tuesday MYP 4 were back in school to work on their humanities/maths interdisciplinary unit. The project involves the creation of a board game to embark and undertake a voyage to the Americas, based on our 15th century humanities topic and some seafaring maths.

And we had some interesting research to do - to calculate the longitude of Wotton House using the sun, a clock and a nail.

The result was not too bad, as we were only 10 miles out, given that the Equator is almost 25,000 miles around. Although at sea, of course that level of error could perhaps be catastrophic, and could certainly set you back a few spaces on our board game!

On Wednesday we headed out to the Wilderness for the hottest day of the year so far. Appropriately, our theme for MYP 1 and 2, again interdisciplinary, was the Sun.

Under the shade of a pine tree we considered the physics of the creation of light and heat and its journey from its creation in the core of the Sun to us. Interestingly, the first stage, from core to surface, takes about 300,000 years, a good opportunity to pick up on human evolution and homo heidelbergensis, who may have been our genetic predecessor of around that time.

However, once those little photons reach the surface of the Sun things speed up somewhat. It is then just a quick eight minute journey to reach our eyes!

We also did some practical work - construction of solar ovens to bake some delicious biscuits, and to make some observations of the Sun by projection in search of currently very elusive sunspots.

This has been a great week for our students to meet up, catch up, and begin the journey back into a semblance of school routine.

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