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Rewilding at The Wilderness Centre

Prep and MYP1 have been working hard exploring The Wilderness Centre and identifying the plants and animals we already have in our habitat.

We have visited and contrasted our site with another local conservation area, and been visited by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

Our plans to rewild the Centre through making changes to the way we manage the land, as well as ensuring good habitats for key species, are being guided by the children as well as external professionals. Simon, the Head of Centre at The Wilderness, is overseeing the project.

As part of the 'discover' phase before Christmas, the students got up close to the trees in our ancient woodland. They used natural clay and other materials to create their own wild nature art for the other visitors to the Centre to enjoy. They will be able to spot snakes, hedgehogs, foxes and lots of other treasures hiding in amongst the trees.

Our Prep and MYP1 children have already started to make a real positive difference to their little bit of the world through their John Muir Award and we are all very proud of them!

Watch this space for more updates as we get them!

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