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Fair Fowl by Izzy

Wotton House student Izzy is in MYP 1.

She has started a chicken company called Fair Fowl.

Click here for more info:

We asked Izzy to tell us more about her new enterprise...

Why did you decide to start a chicken business?

I adore chickens and I thought it would be fun to have a challenging project.

How many have you got?

I currently have 19 chickens

Can you give us a surprising fact about chickens?

Chickens can distinguish over 100 faces of their species.

How much do you sell them for?

£15 for a laying hen and £10 for a chick.

What is your favourite breed, and why?

My favourite breed would have to be a Dutch Bantam because it has a fascinating history

and a very nice nature.

What is the lead time for some chicks?

I am hatching chicks all of the time (check my website).

What is your favourite egg recipe?

It is probably omelette!

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